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While you were busy warning others. . .


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Book Review: Simply Fly by Capt. Gopinath

I got this book along with a set of 4 other books. As I normally do with all new books (or music), I quickly skimmed through a few random pages and decided to settle down with Super Freakonomics. I followed it up the the remaining 3 and finally started reading Simply Fly a couple of days back.

Capt. Gopinath’s story is very engaging. His story reminds me of the Indian soda commercial “Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas” (Straight talk, no BS). He is the kind of entrepreneur I like. He believes in doing rather than talking.

“Strategy” is the most abused word in the entrepreneurship universe. It’s easy to understand why – the word makes one “sound” intelligent. The more one peppers one’s talk with the word, the more “entrepreneurial” one will come across.

If you are looking for high octane BS and to pick up new business buzzwords to add to the BS toolkit, this book will disappoint. You can probably count on one hand the number of times Capt. Gopinath has used the word “strategy” and other similar intelligent sounding  buzzwords. He went on to build India’s largest private Airlines by doing what made sense to him – not by giving presentations and talking endlessly about strategy.

His mantra is simple – immerse yourself in your work. Talking is not the same as doing. (Are you listening Obama?)

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The suspense is over! Shashi Tharoor is out!

Wonder which pavilion he will walk back to – Kerala or NY?

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It’s confirmed: Shashi Tharoor still stuck in NY

A few months back, I had posed a rhetorical question – Is Shashi Tharoor still stuck in NY? Today Mr. Tharoor himself provided the answer (though it was unnecessary):

“I have quit a UN job with a good salary for the salary of a minister in the government and find it extremely upsetting (that charges have been made),”

So the dude himself has confirmed it today – he IS still stuck in NY.

Wonder when will the suspense end – what will happen first – will he stop tweeting or will he get his knuckles rapped by Madam Soniaji?

Watch this space.

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Tai Chi – Not Christian enough

The BBC reports

A Tai Chi class in Totley has been evicted from its current location of All Saints church hall.

The church wants to focus its attention on a Christian perspective but through doing this has had to tell the exercise group to find a new home for their class.

Reverend David Rhodes from All Saints Church in Totley told BBC Radio Sheffield why he had taken the decision to ban the class:

“We feel very upset about the upset that this has caused. We are not critical of the people at all. We come from a wider perspective within the church and we see Tai Chi as being an aspect of the Chinese Taoism religion. We want to uphold a whole life spirituality that centres on Jesus. And we feel that the two things clash. We are concerned that we stay consistent with that.”

Note: Follow this link to the story on the BBC website and watch the video. Hilarious!

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some things cost more than you realise

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Road, Movie: Don’t Watch

Road, Movie makes it to my personal “best of the worst” list –  bad films I have had the misfortune of watching.

In scale, I was disappointed much more watching Road, Movie than I was watching Dev Benegal’s previous film, Split Wide Open (which btw also figures in my “best of the worst” list). The reason for the bigger disappointment was Abhay Deol – I like the actor and his choice of films, and had assumed since he was in the film, it HAD to be good.

If there is anything positive about this film, it is the Cinematography. But net-net, this is a horrible flick – don’t waste your time and money.

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