Every professional wants to believe he or she has the most unique and challenging job in the world – and that every other job is child’s play in comparison.

Don’t believe me? Think of any random profession, and I can bet you will find a ‘professional’ blogging about his or her experiences – ‘lookitme – What I do is so damn hard and unique!!’

Random sample – here is a baby-sitter’s blog, and here is a ‘professional blogger’s blog’!!

However, the clan that takes the cake when it comes to self-delusion about ‘how important and challenging THEIR  job is’, it is us software techies.

Enjoy this sampler from Rands In Repose 1.0:

Max was a mess. We were on our third mojito at The Basin in Saratoga when it just came pouring out of him. The last 72 hours involved:

  • Two days in Los Angeles babysitting a customer’s data center
  • Four hours of sleep
  • Two huge arguments with his wife on the cell phone
  • A marathon conference call with his boss, which resulted in a new trip to Chicago in two days

The mojitos might’ve been talking, but it sounded like Max was sure that his wife was going to leave him; his company was about to crumble; and he was 12 hours and one plane flight from a nervous breakdown.

He said, “Shipping a 1.0 product isn’t going to kill you, but it will try”.

Is there anything more self-delusional than this? This makes a tour of duty in Afghanistan seem like a walk in the park in comparison!

What is this dude complaining about? To me it sounds like shitty planning. PERIOD.

I wonder why we techies like to believe we are a class apart from the rest. Is the self-delusion to cover up for what we know deep down inside, but hate to admit  – CRUD ain’t that hard!!


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